Resort renovation in Model


RESORT Renovation in Model

HOMR Civil Contractors, offers from Start to End solutions, these include designing, planning, executing the project. HOMR, Builders and developers, offer Construction, Renovation & Interiors designs for Apartment Renovation, Home Renovation, and Hotel Renovation, Restaurant Renovation, Hospital Renovation, Clinic Renovation, Office Renovation, and Mall Renovation in Model.

Home Construction

HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Resort Renovation

HOMR has in-depth knowledge and experience in hospitality renovation, and is aligned by design to provide you with a team of dedicated professionals to deliver quality projects on time and within budget. HOMR is market specific dedicated to the hospitality industry of hotel, resort, and timeshare. We know the aspects of the business, and therefore are committed to providing satisfaction and a positive experience.

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Duplex Construction

HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, Extensions & Additions

Extending and adding space to your existing space can add both comfort and convenience to your business and HOMR gives you a knowledgeable team of experts to provide you with advice and guidance to achieve the working space you desire. We can work with you on the design, budget and timing. We realize that your business needs to operate and to be efficient during any renovation.

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HOMR, Interior designers, offer, Remodeling of Resort

We remodel hotels, motels & resorts. Our vast experience with hospitality projects allows us to value engineer every aspect and properly schedule each phase to provide our clients with the best possible uses for their dollar. Integration with our design and purchasing departments truly provides you with a powerful resource to bring your project in on time and on budget!

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Home Construction

HOMR offers, Turnkey Resort Renovation

HOMR Hotel / Resort renovation projects by offering a turn-key solution with services in Interior Design, FF&E Purchasing, and Construction. We have put together a leading team of mechanical, electrical, and structural experts, as well as experienced contractors to execute projects of any size.

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Duplex Construction

HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Resort Renovation Services

Whether you want to update and spruce up your space or remodel your resort, where your partner in creating a comfortable and effective space. We are experts at taking seemingly complex projects and delivering cost-effective

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HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, Resort Renovation Contractors

Commercial renovation, HOMR has the experience and knowledge to build your project. We are a full-scope contractor with design expertise to match. Whether you are starting from an original concept, renovating existing floor space or

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