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Privacy Policy.

Homr.in - Privacy Policy


Homr.in— henceforth addressed as 'Us' or 'We' and users of the website as 'you' or 'your’ — is committed to the protection of your data and information. We adhere to global standards for data and privacy protection, and usage of personal information you may have shared with us. This privacy policy entails the steps we have taken towards the protection of data and information. This privacy policy brings about the manner in which we undertake the use of any type of information that you may have passed on to us for business purposes. This can include, and is not limited to, first name, last name, physical address, phone number, fax number, email address (multiple), credit card information, billing address, organization you are associated with, profession, and area of work. We are exempting ourselves from liability towards the usage of this information by third parties who may have access to the data through marketing activities they are associated with us. If you are giving them any of your information, you need to check their terms of usage policies.

Respect towards privacy:

All data that you share with us through various forms of data collection available on the website are considered strictly confidential. These may include, and not limited to, name, addresses, phone and fax numbers, email IDs, corporate communication addresses, etc. We will never sell, transmit, lease, or distribute the collected information to a third party not associated with us. The only exclusion to this policy is when we are requested to furnish information through a legal request. We will fulfil the request as per the rule of law. The above mentioned personal information that we have collected from you via the website can be used by us for the purpose of marketing and advertising our products and services to you through our official brand name. We will not be approaching you under any name than 'Strategic Marketing Services.’ By using this website, you become a user of our services. You have given us explicit consent to use, store, and transfer any data that you give us as per the guidelines that are mentioned in this Privacy Policy. We are indemnified from any damages that you may have incurred from the usage of this site such as injury to yourself and your property. All necessary steps in terms of data safety through state of the art technology are taken to ensure your data is safe with us. We would like to acknowledge that such technologies have their limitations and can crash due to various unforeseeable circumstances. In the case of such an event occurring, we will ensure all necessary precautions are taken for data recovery.

Usage of information collected:

All transmission of information from you to us has been done with your knowledge, and we will not be held responsible if it has happened without your consent. For the purpose of individual service, we make use of cookies that are internationally recognized for collection of information. We use these cookies to track your IP, and information such as page visits, and other materials you access on our website only. We will use this information for analysing and improving your experience on our website only. Your information or location will not be disclosed to a third party. The cookies are temporarily stored in your hard drive. You can delete them as per your wish. Declining cookies will hinder optimum usage of our website.

Usage of credit card information:

We collect credit card information and any type of information that is required for financial processing of projects and transactions. We will use this information only for the sole purpose of financial transaction and not for any other purposes unless specified by law enforcement authorities. We do not store or transfer this information, and hence, it is required for you to furnish this information to us every time you conduct a financial transaction with us. We take the services of third party facilities to ensure smooth transactions, and your financial information will be transferred to them. They abide by the rules that guide financial transactions. If you have experienced any breach in your financial activities after a transaction with us, please notify the authorities and send us a copy of the document for our documentation. We are indemnified from any charges you may bring towards third party services due to financial troubles occurred during transactions.

No Refund Policy:

We’ll consider refund if informed within 30 days of project delivery. We take the service of third party and won’t be able to provide any refund on Credit Card payments.

Programmed information collection:

Homr.in has enabled the usage of data collecting software that is used on our website for the sole purpose of tracking your usage of our site. It does not collect any personal information that we have specified previously in this privacy policy. This is done to see the way the website interacts with you and to enhance its performance. We may consider this as single-user information or as an aggregate. This aggregate information is converted into statistical information that can be published by us or any third party that we are associated with for the usage of our viewers as information that gives us insights into usage of our website.

Email communication:

We correspond with registered users of Homr.in time to time for the purpose of updating them regarding our products and services, transactional emails, marketing messages and so on. These will be done through the usage of our brand name. When you become a user of the Homr.in website, you are automatically included in our subscriber database and you will receive our periodic newsletter. You can opt out from this service by using the “unsubscribe” link in the emails you receive. The “unsubscribe” option will be taken into consideration as per the rules of email marketing applicable to your area of business.

We will be using the assistance of third party email service providers for the purpose of email marketing. We enter confidentiality agreements with such vendors for safeguarding your data. We may collect information about you from other sources for the purpose of enhancing our marketing messages that we send to you.

Your information on our site Homr.in allows you to indulge in conversations with us and others who use our website via the comments section on the blog in our website. The information that you enter there is within your control, and we do not have any association with it. It can be tracked by web crawlers and can be collected. Please exercise restraint while using these forums.

Outward links:

Homr.in website may contain outbound links. You will use them at your own risk. We will not be held accountable for any damage you may incur through the usage of these third party links, and we do not validate their presence. The privacy policy of the third party site will be in effect once you leave our website. We request you to go through them for your usage. We will ensure your information stays with us in mutually acceptable limits. Contact us if you have any queries.

Sharing of information:

We are in the business of marketing. Information is vital to us, and we do our best to take care of it. We do not sell, rent, lease, or distribute the information that you may pass on to us for the purpose of turning a profit. We do transmit the data to third party affiliates with whom we have entered into explicit data usage policies. These third party vendors are as follows:

Affiliate businesses we control:

We may approach you through a sub-brand that is directly linked to the Homr.in brand. You will be informed about this association in the communication you receive. We will have control on their data usage procedures. You will be provided with the opportunity to unsubscribe from any communications you receive from them.

Affiliates we do not control:

We work with a variety of third party affiliates who help us in promoting our products and services. These may or may not be in contract with us. They may be given a certain amount of data to use that does not include any personal information. This type of third party vendor business is not in our control. If you have any issues related to the communications you receive from them, please let us know by contacting us.

Agents and service providers:

We take the assistance of third-party service providers who help us in the process of marketing our products and services. They may be given a portion of your personal and non-personal information so that they can conduct their businesses. They may be required by us to conduct surveys, provide marketing related assistance, data warehousing and analytics, billing and credit card payment processing, support services for our staff and users of our services and many more. When we transfer the data to them, they are required to sign confidentiality agreements with us.

Promotional offers:

We may send, from time to time, promotional offers for other businesses we have tied up with. In the event of such a process, we do not transfer your personal information to them. You may unsubscribe from the list if you feel the need to do so, at any time.

Transfer of information:

We may transfer your personal information to our main business concern, Homr.in for the purpose of conducting business and other promotional offers. We adhere to the safe Harbor Privacy Principles strictly and other similar principles, rules and regulations that govern other geographical areas as required.

Protection of our assets and businesses:

We may be asked to release personal or non-personal information in good faith to law authorities for purposes that require us to do so. These may be required to enforce laws of the land, for the protection of intellectual property rights and for the protection of our businesses and associated assets, the protection of our employees and our users from any entity if they are deemed to be under threat. This will include all the information that we may have about the person or organization in question and this transfer will be with organizations that are directly or in any way related to law enforcement agents or agencies and have a purpose to do so. We withhold all the rights to protect us against any malicious attempts that any user of this website and/or services that may cause us and will take necessary legal action if found so.

Business transfers:

In the case of sale, purchase, lease, or rent of our services to another business concern, you will be notified about it via email. During the event of a sale of part or whole of the company to another business concern, all your personal data falls into the ambit of commodities that will be transferred to the new concern. If you wish to be removed from the list, you can contact us directly and ask for a removal.

How secure is my information?

We adhere to the strictest standards of data protection while using, transferring, and warehousing your personal and non-personal information. We enlist the use of superior and state of the art data storage software for the protection of your information. This data is stored in servers that have high levels of security access as per current industry standards. Access to these servers is restricted to authorized personnel only. If there is a data breach, we will try our best to ensure that it is traced and reported to the authorities.

Correction and removal of data:

If you wish to correct or remove a part of entire data that you have given us, you can contact us via the addresses, phone numbers, and email addresses listed in our “contact us” page. Please specify the details of data that you need to modify or delete in a clean and easy-to-understand manner so that our employees can take care of it. You will need to give us a time frame of 30 working days to do the same. You can opt out from any of the services that we have been providing you after you have cleared any pending dues that we may have incurred during the period.

Change in Privacy Policy:

If there are any changes made to this Privacy Policy, we will be displaying it prominently on our homepage for an extended period. We withhold the right to amend or change the policy in part or full at any time as per requirement. If you are a registered user of our website, you will also be intimated about these changes via email. If you have any queries about this Privacy Policy, please email us at

A note about our email:

Our email is given to your only for contacting us for business purpose, you will not use our email for spamming or other unlawful activities. All of our services on our website are provided to you on a “as is” basis without any expressed or implied warranties of merchantabilities or fitness for any purpose, you assume all liabilities arising from the usage of our service from our websites, and you agree to indemnify us from all loses. This PRIVACY POLICY is in effect from 1st Jan 2016 and will be so until advance notice.


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