new floor addition in Model


Add A New Floor service, To your Existing House, in Model

HOMR Civil Contractors, offers from Start to End solutions, these include designing, planning, executing the project. HOMR, Builders and developers offer Construction, Renovation & Interiors designs for Apartment Construction, Home Construction, and Hotel Construction, Restaurant Construction, Hospital Construction, Clinic Construction, Office Construction, and Mall Construction in Model.

HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer Convenient Solution to Add more floors.

Home Construction

HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, New Floor Additions & Extensions

HOMR, Builders and developers, provide New floor addition service as a single point contact solution. With our great designs and plans, meticulous care taken by our civil Engineers you will have to relax and watch the work flow smoothly.

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Duplex Construction

HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Additional Floor Cost Estimates

Try our Floor Addition Calculator or call us for an exact estimation.

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HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, New Floor Addition Solutions

We at HOMR offer complete all solutions for Adding New Floor, under one roof, from designing, building, planning and executing.

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Home Construction

HOMR, Interior designers, offer, Duplex Addition to First Floor

We at HOMR will help you to create a Duplex First floor addition on the existing old structure of the Ground floor. Our services will give you a single point contact solutions for all of your needs.

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Duplex Construction

HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, Additional Adding More Floors Duration

Adding a new floor to the exiting Home is a costly affair, as may involve lots of structural changes to the existing ground floor to suit the design that is being made for the first floor. At HOMR we will help you realize this in a cost effective manner, with our designing and planning.

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HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Building office on a New Floor

Design your 3 or 4 BHK rooms for the new first floor, with proper design, ventilation, floor, ceiling, walls and curtain. Call us to talk to our experts at HOMR constructions.

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Floor Addition cost Calculator:


Select Package:

Area in quare feet. :


Total Cost :

Rs. {{ * num2 }}

Concrete Structure :
(Steel, Sand, Cement, Ground & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 27 /100 }}

Brick Work – Walls :
(Bricks, Sand, Cement & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 26 /100 }}

Electrical & Plumbing :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 16.5 /100 }}

Doors & Windows :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 5 /100 }}

Flooring :
(Tiles, Cement, Sand & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 13 /100 }}

Painting & Finishing :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 10 /100 }}

Fabrication & Glass :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 3.1 /100 }}

What are the various factors to consider before adding a floor to the existing old Ground floor?

  • Can you help me to plan my new floor within the budget I have planned?
  • I am confused with the available options, can you help me select the right option?
  • I am not sure and I am not planned for the budget and the designed, can I get a quick help?
  • I am tired of different opinions from different contractors; can I get all the requirement from single point?
  • Call us to get answers for all of the above question and more, we offer single point solutions for all of your floor addition needs, we will provide you with designs of optimum area utilization, proper ventilation, uniform lighting distribution, both natural and artificial, we understand the concept of color theory and its application, we provide amazing designs that are beautiful and yet have traditional touch. To allay your cost anxiety we provide you multiple costs and designs to suit your needs. Our engineers and designers are more concerned about making Eco-friendly home and suggest energy efficient solutions.

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