Construction – Renovation – Property Management in Bangalore

HOMR Civil Contractors, offers from Start to End solutions, these include designing, planning, executing the project. HOMR, Builders and developers offer Construction, Renovation & Interiors designs for Apartment Construction, Home Construction, and Hotel Construction, Restaurant Construction, Hospital Construction, Clinic Construction, Office Construction, and Mall Construction in Bangalore.

Villa Constructions in Bangalore

HOMR is a unique company in the field of Villa Construction and Renovation for its creative approach to deliver its services to its customers with the expert advice of our planners and design engineers and we execute the project in a transparent and time bound fashion. We still maintain our services economical and within the reach of our customers.

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Duplex Constructions in Bangalore

At HOMR we will support you to come up with a right plan for your Duplex House. We build Robust and High Quality Duplex Homes which are designed professionally and provide Ultra modern, spacious living rooms which match for you or your family requirement. At HOMR we incorporate details of elegance in the plan.

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Home Construction in Bangalore

Are you planning or building your own home but dont know where to start or who to go to? HOMR understands that it is a big decision when it comes to construction and a long tedious process. HOMR offers top grade construction services with transparency maintained at every level of the project.

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Triplex Construction in Bangalore

HOMR is specialize in the triplex construction of new custom built homes, adjusted to the needs and the budget of its clients. Triplex building combines all the elements essential to modern living; a contemporary design, well thought out living areas and the flexibility that caters to our clients individual lifestyle.

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Construction Cost in Bangalore

Trying to build a new home with an chance to meet your precise design and reusability of space requirements. We at HOMR offer an comprehensive look at the prices regarding home building taking into consideration of all aspects and we help to you make the right decisions.

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Modern Construction in Bangalore

We at HOMR constructions are innovative, select modern structures with slim design which is appreciated even traditionalists. With our polished grand new remodeling and exclusive new designing we share a common trend of highly adaptable cost and benefit results.

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Construction Cost Calculator in Bangalore


Select Package:

Area in Square feet. :


Total Cost :

Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 }}

Concrete Structure :
(Steel, Sand, Cement, Ground & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 27 /100 }}

Brick Work – Walls :
(Bricks, Sand, Cement & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 26 /100 }}

Electrical & Plumbing :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 16.5 /100 }}

Doors & Windows :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 5 /100 }}

Flooring :
(Tiles, Cement, Sand & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 13 /100 }}

Painting & Finishing :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 10 /100 }}

Fabrication & Glass :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ selitem.id * num2 * 3.1 /100 }}

Latest Projects

HOMR Civil Contractors, offers from Start to End solutions, these include designing, planning, executing the project. HOMR, Builders and developers, offer Construction, Renovation & Interiors designs for Apartment Renovation, Home Renovation, and Hotel Renovation, Restaurant Renovation, Hospital Renovation, Clinic Renovation, Office Renovation, and Mall Renovation in Bangalore.

Villa Renovation in Bangalore

HOMR villa renovation service will allow you to get several benefits from our services in a single collective set. We give all the assistance you need be it for roof or facade renovations, we ensure the structure will withstand the test of time and be visually appealing. We precisely combining the range of selected materials, and develop a beautiful integrated colouring concept. We also optimize interior living while leveraging all our professional craft.

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Office Renovation in Bangalore

HOMR has been a leader in full office renovation and repair work in India for over 15 years. Our office expertise includes corporate headquarters, commercial office space, build-to-suit and more. We can help you with complete office renovation work starting from small updates to complete work together. Our team of experts believe in providing quality of work in cost effective.

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Home Renovation in Bangalore

HOMR villa renovation service comes as a package which allows you to get the benefit from all of its services as under one collective set. At HOMR we provide the necessary assistance that which you need be it for roof or facade and elevation, the service ranges from masonry work up till creative work, these are all done with excellence to see to that your structure stands the test of time and remains visually appealing.

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Hotel Renovation in Bangalore

HOMR has in-depth knowledge and experience in hospitality renovation, and is aligned by design to provide you with a team of dedicated professionals to deliver quality projects on time and within budget. HOMR is market specific – dedicated to the hospitality industry of hotel, resort, and timeshare.


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Restaurant Renovation in Bangalore

Since our specialty is remodel and refresh, our projects are typically at night. Whether developing an existing space or building from the ground up, we will make sure every experience you create is a memorable one for your clients and a seamless stress free one for you. If its a bar area, sales area, kitchen, or rest rooms, our goal is to deliver the right outcome on time, on budget, with no inconvenience to patrons and staff.

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Hospital Renovation in Bangalore

Whether you need Hospital Renovation or refurbishment Services, be it for Operation Theaters or lobbies, interior or exterior renovation we at HOMR design and deliver an efficient, easy to adaptable solution. HOMR aspired to create a single window delivery system, whereby the customer would not have to look around for multiple solution providers and would get fully integrated solutions under one roof.

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Renovation Cost Calculator

Select Package

Area in Square Feet

Total : Rs.

Raw Material : Rs.

Contractor margin : Rs.

Demolition & Debri Removal : Rs.

Labour Cost : Rs.

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