modern home construction in Model


HOMR Builders and Developers, Create Modern Homes You Love to Live in.

HOMR Civil Contractors , offers from Start to End solutions, these include designing, planning, executing the project. HOMR Builders and developers offer Construction, Renovation & Interiors designs for Apartments Construction, Homes Construction, and hotels Construction, restaurants Construction, Hospitals Construction, Clinics Construction, Offices Construction, and Malls Construction in Model.

HOMR Builders and Developers, Create Modern Homes You Love to Live in.

modern home construction in Model

HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Modern Home Construction

HOMR builders, offers, Modern home construction solutions as a single point solution, we offer right from start the design, planning, and implementation. We will help you come up with amazing ideas, and fulfill your dream of having a perfect home as you desired.

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modern home construction in Model

HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, Modern Home Construction Solutions

Our experienced Civil and interior designers will help you make your dream home come true as a matter of Cake walk, you just need to relax and take the inputs offered from our experts.

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modern home construction in Model

HOMR, Interior designers, offer, Contemporary Home Construction

We at HOMR believe in creating futuristic designs, and we are mindful of our customers traditional view points as well as modern requirements like the house must be Eco-friendly, energy efficient, compact and yet spacious by optimum utilization of space.

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modern home construction in Model

HOMR Offers, Custom Home Construction

We offer Built to design homes for our busy customers, with our landmark online reporting we keep the anxiety of our customers at the least and help them monitor the progress of the work from the place where they are.

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Duplex Construction

HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Modern Duplex Construction

If you are looking to construct a modern Duplex home, that is still has some traditional VASTU designs incorporated, you are at the right place, we also take into consideration of optimum utilization of space, a lavish modular kitchen.

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modern home construction in Model

HOMR, Civil Contractors, Modern Villa Construction

We undertake Modern will constructions that are compliant to modern standards, of being eco-friendly, energy efficient, solar options, We give suggestion for proper waste disposal. With thousands of designs, we offer Turnkey solutions for our customers.

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Modern Home cost Calculator:


Select Package:

Area in Square Feet. :


Total Cost :

Rs. {{ * num2 }}

Concrete Structure :
(Steel, Sand, Cement, Ground & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 27 /100 }}

Brick Work – Walls :
(Bricks, Sand, Cement & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 26 /100 }}

Electrical & Plumbing :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 16.5 /100 }}

Doors & Windows :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 5 /100 }}

Flooring :
(Tiles, Cement, Sand & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 13 /100 }}

Painting & Finishing :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 10 /100 }}

Fabrication & Glass :
(Material & Labour)


Rs. {{ * num2 * 3.1 /100 }}

What are the various factors to consider before adding a floor to the existing old Ground floor?

  • I am looking for traditional Home construction solution which are VASTU compliant can you help?
  • I am planning the construction of a Modern Home but within my budget, can you help?
  • I am lost with many designs at hand can you help me select the right design for the plot I have?
  • I don’t know how much I have to spend for my house construction; can you give me exact figures for different plans?
  • I am keen about energy efficient homes, and eco-friendly, can you help me with such construction?
  • In recent years there is a resurgence of Traditional style of homes again, customers have become more aware of the kind of material that is used for the construction of homes, they want eco-friendly, biodegradable where possible, proper ventilation and uniform distribution of natural and artificial lighting used. There are a plethora of designs in the market for Modern home construction, villa construction, this has overwhelmed the customers and they are not in a position to make a choice between what is needed for their budget, it is here that HOMR Builders and Constructors will help guide you Step-by-Step to achieve your dreamed home, villa or duplex in a cost effective manner and timely delivery of the construction.

    For Beautiful Modern Home Construction Call HOMR Builders.

    We at HOMR incorporate technology and traditional aspects of home Construction in a proportional blend; this makes us achieve the optimum design between the Modern home/Traditional Home. We take care of the finishing materials to be of good quality and robust construction.

    Time plan Sheet for the overall process:


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