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Builders And Developers in Model

HOMR Civil Contractors, offers from Start to End solutions, these include designing, planning, executing the project. HOMR, Builders and developers offer Construction, Renovation & Interiors designs for Apartment Construction, Home Construction, and Hotel Construction, Restaurant Construction, Hospital Construction, Clinic Construction, Office Construction, and Mall Construction in Model.


Home Construction

HOMR, Builders and Developers, offer, Total Home Renovation in Model

We undertake complete Home renovation from Stat to end, our single point contact solutions for planning, designing, and implementing are all for you.

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Duplex Construction

HOMR, Interior designers, offer, 2 BHK Apartment Renovation Work

HOMR Builders and Developers, provides complete 2 BHK start-to-end renovation solutions for you. Call us to get an estimate of price, planning, and interior designs.

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HOMR, Civil Contractors, offers, High End Villa Renovation and Construction in Model

A complete overhaul for your villa’s we provide here at HOMR Builders, we offer single point solutions for all of your Villa renovation requirements.

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HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, Low Cost Home Renovation and Construction in Model

HOMR, helps you to cut out unwanted costs and simplifies the design and interior proposed for Complete Home Renovation.

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HOMR, Builders and Developers Home Renovation

At HOMR we provide in time, Quick Home repair and renovation solutions, as a single point contact for all of your needs.

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HOMR, Civil Contractors, offers, 4 BHK Apartment Renovation, Apartment Construction with wood work

Check out our 4 BHK Apartment Renovation, designs, plans, and prices today by calling us.

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HOMR, Interior Designers, provide, Home Renovation Cost in Model

Check out our Cost Calculator, or call us for an accurate estimate for home renovation Costs in Model.

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HOMR, Builders and Developers, offers, Modern and Modular Kitchen Renovation, in Model.

At HOMR we have Ultra Modern kitchen designs to suit all the sizes, be it small, medium, or large. Our expert designers, planners will give you the best suggestion to suit all of your budget requirements.

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HOMR, Civil Contractors, offer, Complete Building Renovation and Construction in Model.

From Start to End, we provide single point contact service, that include facets of latest technology, proper color study and combinations for interior and exterior of the Building.

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Renovation Calculator

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Primarily the basic factors of any construction are, Building material, Labor, Contractor’s Fee. Apart from these major factors a few minor but equally important factors are : Approval fee of Govt departments for, plan approval, Electricity, and sewerage approval, in some places water meter is also installed for consumption of water, bore well, Underground Sump, Compound wall and Gate etc are also to be considered. Cost may change and add to the existing cost by selecting Interior designs, some wood work especially are very cost incurring, false ceiling, or modular kitchen, and wardrobes, these are generally are not a part of the construction cost, however these can be discussed as a package, while selecting the design at the time of finalizing the contract.

Note: Keeping in vision of future scope of expansion sometimes the people are requesting additional columns for further construction of additional floors in future time, if this be the case the cost may vary based upon the number of columns and beams additionally requested by the client. The major portion of the construction cost variant is because of the nature of Bricks and Sand used, also plastering quality varies based on the proportion of cement and sand used. The finishing materials like electrical cabling and fixtures and switches, MCB’s and sockets used can vary the price. The same goes with plumbing installation like WC’s, Wash Basins, Taps, Hot & Cold Mixers, Bathroom Flooring / tiling on the walls, exhaust fans, and they type of ventilation selected. The kitchen finishing can also affect the cost based upon the choice or Granite / Kadappa Stones / artificial Granite / or other variety of stones or Granite Cladding Tiles.

I am looking to make a wonder and Ultra modern villa for my family can you guide me?

  • I am still at the look around for the best Villa construction options can you help me?
  • With thousands of plans at hand from various designers I am not sure which one will suit my budget, can I get your help?
  • I am not able to do a proper math and crunch down numbers for my villa construction cost can you help me to get a ball park figure?
  • I am at the lookout for a Contractor who will offer me, under single roof services, can you help me?
  • With growing economy in the Urban Life Style, people are more and more looking to make a Grand living in a Large Villa with all amenities and very beautifully designed both interior and exterior designs, a wonder landscaped garden with variety of trees and plants to give shade, fragrant flowers, and crotons, you get an eye appealing Villa to live. There are no more a dream but are achievable realities in urban live style. But with villa construction a drawback that can be seen is that there are several interior design options that are available which makes it hard to choose and also these can tend to raise the cost of overall cost of construction at the end, luckily it is here we tend to help our customers to strike a optimum between the choice of design and cost involved.

    Construction Cost Calculator


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    Total Cost :

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    Concrete Structure :
    (Steel, Sand, Cement, Ground & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 27 /100 }}

    Brick Work – Walls :
    (Bricks, Sand, Cement & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 26 /100 }}

    Electrical & Plumbing :
    (Material & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 16.5 /100 }}

    Doors & Windows :
    (Material & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 5 /100 }}

    Flooring :
    (Tiles, Cement, Sand & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 13 /100 }}

    Painting & Finishing :
    (Material & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 10 /100 }}

    Fabrication & Glass :
    (Material & Labour)


    Rs. {{ * num2 * 3.1 /100 }}